Crafting Memories

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated with stones. I’ve had various rock collections throughout my life, but due to life in general, only a small box filled with different fossils, rocks, and crystals has made it into my adult life. Despite not being able to consistently contribute to this collection throughout the various stages of my life, I have always continued to collect small stones and shells when I travel. On our recent trip to IrelandContinue reading


Embroidered Necklace

I love it when this:

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It’s Friday, I’m In Love!

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

What a week this has been! I’m looking forward to hanging out at home with my man and doing nothing this weekend. Oh wait, that’s not happening. We have several plans in the works for this weekend that will all be fun but inevitably jam-packed with all kinds of activities. That is far from a complaint, but is why I’m using the free moment I have now to plan and set goals for the next DIY activities I’d like to attempt to do this weekend and throughout the coming week; time permitting. I bring you my It’s Friday, I’m in love! inspiration board!

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I’m pretty much addicted to Bloglovin. Not only because it keeps me up to date on the latest posts from the blogs I follow, but it also gives me suggestions of new blogs to follow and continually fuels my inspiration! If you don’t have an account, you should totally sign up. If you do have an account, you should definitely follow me because I swear this will get better with time. Welcome to another social media time-suck, friends! I promise you won’t regret this one, though!



Let’s Make Popsicles!

Now that the warm weather has finally started sticking, my Pinterest interests have primarily taken the form of cool and refreshing desserts and drinks. Also, ones with alcohol. You’d be surprised at how quickly the two (desserts and adult beverages) can be combined to make an unstoppable, all-empowering super dessert of boozy goodness. At least I was surprised. Perhaps surprised is the wrong word; instead, I was freaking stoked because now I can say that I’m bringing popsicles to an all-ages party and not feel like a giant jerk when I’m standing in the background, sucking down the wine because all the children are slowly freaking me out. Instead, I can slowly slurp on boozy popsicles and have way more fun! Though I’m really excited to try my hand at these new-found recipes, I was stopped in my tracks by the non-alcohol infused popsicles that A Beautiful Mess recently posted. I mean, look at these! How could you not want to devour every single one?! Brown Butter Popsicles!!

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