Crafting Memories

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated with stones. I’ve had various rock collections throughout my life, but due to life in general, only a small box filled with different fossils, rocks, and crystals has made it into my adult life. Despite not being able to consistently contribute to this collection throughout the various stages of my life, I have always continued to collect small stones and shells when I travel. On our recent trip to Irelandfor instance, I brought home some small shells from the beaches we visited, as well as a few pieces of quartz that I found at the grave site of my ancestors. These small relics help me to recall my surroundings and emotions in those moments and keep the memories alive. I never know quite what to do with the stones and shells I collect, as I want to keep them in view and not just in a box. More often than not, they end up in my planters and terrariums so that I can still look at them as they adorn my plants.

I came across the stones from my Ireland trip today and was reminded that when the quartz first caught my eye, I had the idea to adapt them into a necklace so that I could hold onto and remember that moment. Today I set out to do just that. As I didn’t want to damage the stones, I decided to wire wrap them. The rest just kind of fell together into a happy creation. I’m pleased with the outcome and am looking forward to turning more of my future collections into wearable memories.

IMG_3537 IMG_3542

Happy crafting!

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