Florence, Italy

Duomo and Tree

Ahhhh, Firenze. How has it already been a year since we first met?! I’m still nostalgic looking back over all our photos ( and realizing that I never shared them). Those who’ve known me since my younger years would know that I had always wanted to travel to Florence. I was also lined up to study abroad there when I first went back to college, but due to an adviser’s mishap of losing my final documents, I didn’t get to go. It was my logical first choice when Conor and I decided that we’d travel to Europe for the holidays last year. After spending a few days in Rome, we hopped on the train and meandered our way up to Florence. It was everything I could have hoped for and so much more. The markets, the museums, the art, the architecture; I fell in love with everything about Florence. Being a magical place for me that I had always wanted to experience, I can see why Conor chose to propose there…and it made it that much more incredible. Florence will forever hold a special place in my heart and now that it’s been a year since we’ve visited, I suppose it’s about time I share some photos.
















To see more of my photos from our Florence trip, go here. Until we meet again, keep being you, Florence.



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