#TBT- Gluten Free Peach Pie

I don’t normally jump into the Throwback Thursday boat, but I also don’t normally bake. And since it happens to be Thursday and I wanted to prove that once upon a time I did indeed bake a pie, I thought I’d give it a whirl. So, friends, here’s my first ever #tbt to that one time that I baked my first ever peach pie!


(Me and Sarah getting ready to make this thang!)


When peaches came into season this year, my sister and I decided to use the over abundance that we picked to make a gluten-free peach pie.



She bought a gluten-free crust at New Season’s (because, come on, I’m not making a crust from scratch on my first attempt), and then we followed a recipe she found online (which we now can’t find again, so I’m sorry that I can’t cite our source!). We then made a crumble topping with almond flour, butter, and brown sugar because we totally forgot that you’re supposed to have a topping for the pie, but it worked out! I think the hardest part was peeling and cutting up all of the peaches. And then the waiting; definitely the waiting.


So much peeling.



Look, Ma, I made a pie! Sarah also made an amazing Honey Pie which is behind the Peach Pie. Both were soooooo good. If we ever find the recipe again I’ll add it in here but until then, go forth and bake some pies, friends!

hh2 (1)


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