Wooden Spoon and Dish Towel DIY

I recently bought myself a wood burning tool to try my hand at the skill. I also quickly found out that it’s a lot more difficult than I thought it would be! This is definitely a technique that I’ll have to practice over and over again in order to perfect. But in the mean time, I enjoyed playing around with the various burning tips in order to get a feel for how the tool works. I highly recommend trying this on something you don’t care about the first couple of rounds as there’s a good chance you will make a giant, burnt mess at first. I decided to do my testing on some wooden spoons that I had ordered and I’m fairly happy with the outcome! Since I had to wait for my tool to cool down before changing tips each time, I decided to test out some screen print paint I hadn’t used yet as well. This way I was able to craft in between crafts! Efficiency!


To do this little project you’ll need:

Wood burning tool

-Wooden spoons

-Cloth dish towel

Fabric or screen print paint

-Foam paint brush

-Painter’s tape



I started off by burning easy designs into my spoons and practicing with the speed at which I moved the tool. Come to find out, this makes a HUGE difference in your burn marks and how they appear, so don’t be afraid to play around and experiment! Once I slowly got the hang of it, I let the tool cool off so that I could change tips and experiment with shading.


While that cooled, I busted out my screen print paint and decided to add some color to a plain dish towel I had.


You’ll want to start by taping off your design with the painter’s tape. Once you have that done, paint away! Since my dish towel was porous, I ended up needing to put some newspaper under it as well as making sure that I had an even thickness of paint where I wanted it.


With screen print paint, you’ll want to take off the painter’s tape right away so that the paint doesn’t dry on it and compromise your design. Once I had this done, I went back to my experiment with wood burning until I ran out of room on the spoons. After the paint dried on my dish towel, I outlined the triangles with a gold glitter fabric paint pen I had on hand in order to give it a little extra detail.

Now that all is said and done, I think I like the idea of wood burning and will stick it out and practice some more.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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