Things I Did This Weekend

Hi Friends!

Sorry I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks. My excuse is that I’m busy, but really I just haven’t sat down and committed to putting the projects that I’ve done up here yet. So, to reconcile for it, I’m leaving you with a quickie about what I did this weekend! Conor and I went away to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and since we both have busy lives, we decided to sneak away to our middle of nowhere property and relax. And we did just that! And it was magical. But in the process we also decided to very unofficially map out our tiny house that we’re planning on building up there next Spring….with bamboo poles.


Conor sitting in what will one day be our tiny house but for now it is a bunch of sticks on the ground.

Also, remember that propane fridge that I restored awhile back? No? Well, go here. Now that your memory has been refreshed, I was also given the new task of updating it a bit more by adding chalkboard paint to its front door so that we can leave messages for each other. Or, you know, write a grocery list on.


Here’s the fridge in its new home but with the old black door.


And here’s me re-painting it (while sporting my sister’s old apron that she made in her younger years with puff paint and sponge stamps) with the new chalkboard paint. It was still setting as we were packing up to leave so I didn’t get an after picture. Next time!

After that, I watched some turkeys snack in the yard.


And then a few hours later a storm rolled in, so we hung out in comfy recliners and watched it do its thang.


This was before the thunder, lightning, and hail started.

After we reluctantly packed up our things and left the cabin, we headed to Hood River to eat at the restaurant where I brought Conor to when we first started dating. It was that same night that he asked me to be his girlfriend. Aweeeeeeeee. Romance. Happy 2 year anniversary to us!

Now go out and drink a grande margarita in our honor! Like so:


Bye Friends!

hh2 (1)


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