Summer Camping Trip!

I haven’t produced much in the way of crafts this last weekend, or this week for that matter. Instead, I was finally able to attend an annual family camping trip that I haven’t embarked on since I was 10 (or something close to that because I can’t really remember even being 10)! It was great to catch up with family and spend some time in the great outdoors! I have to admit, though, it’s really nice to come home to your own shower and bed…and washer and dryer, and toilet, and electricity, and running water, and refrigerated food, and…okay, I’ll just stop now. Instead I’ll leave you with some pictures from our trip to Lake Paulina!


Obligatory foot picture.


Dad being dad.


I’ll just sit over here while you guys collect the fire wood. You’re welcome.


Because everyone needs a motorized canoe.


Sisters smashing sisters! (Sarah, Aunt Donna, Mom, and yours truly)


Sarah’s “child” Brody.


Uncle Kurt probably pointing out Bigfoot to Sarah.







Dinner! The best barbeque chicken and cheesy potatoes I’ve ever had!


Seriously, amazing.


Sun setting after an entire afternoon of thunder storms.

And then my phone died so taking pictures was no longer an option. All in all, it was a beautiful trip spent with family where we enjoyed laughs, thunderstorms, gorgeous sunsets, and reminisced about Bigfoot by the obsidian flow. One day, Bigfoot, we shall party…one day. Until then, I hope you all can get outdoors and enjoy the summer with loved ones!

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5 thoughts on “Summer Camping Trip!

  1. After reading your latest post I decided to go back and scan through all the old ones. This one brought a big smile to my face. We need to get out and adventure when you’re up for it! Snowshoeing…?? ☺️

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