Things I Did This Weekend

Hi Friends!

Sorry I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks. My excuse is that I’m busy, but really I just haven’t sat down and committed to putting the projects that I’ve done up here yet. So, to reconcile for it, I’m leaving you with a quickie about what I did this weekend! Conor and I went away to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and since we both have busy lives, we decided to sneak away to our middle of nowhere property and relax. And we did just that! And it was magical. But in the process we also decided to very unofficially map out our tiny house that we’re planning on building up there next Spring….with bamboo poles.

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Summer Camping Trip!

I haven’t produced much in the way of crafts this last weekend, or this week for that matter. Instead, I was finally able to attend an annual family camping trip that I haven’t embarked on since I was 10 (or something close to that because I can’t really remember even being 10)! It was great to catch up with family and spend some time in the great outdoors! I have to admit, though, it’s really nice to come home to your own shower and bed…and washer and dryer, and toilet, and electricity, and running water, and refrigerated food, and…okay, I’ll just stop now. Instead I’ll leave you with some pictures from our trip to Lake Paulina!

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