Dinosaur Trophy Head Necklace Holder

This week I found out what it’s like to cut a plastic, toy dinosaur in half. Why? Because I wanted to mount his head and make a necklace holder out of him! It’s really a lot less painful than it sounds, and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I know that Stan (the Stegosaurus) is happy with the outcome as well and delightedly hangs on my wall with a happy, little smirk now.


In order to make a Stan of your own, or a different trophy head, you’ll need the mounting board, paint, paint brushes, Tacky Glue or Super Glue, a plastic animal toy, a sharp knife, a hammer, and wall mounts. You should also have some fine grit sandpaper on hand for good measure just in case you need to even things out a bit (I ended up needing to).

I started this process by painting the wood pieces that I wanted for my mounting board. I got both of mine at Michael’s. I actually got almost everything at Michael’s, in fact. Fun story: after the cashier asked me if I found everything alright, she excitedly said “Looks like you found the dinosaurs!” as she rang Stan up. I replied, “I did! And he’s going to get cut in half.” She seemed really sad by that to which I just laughed and explained how he’s come to terms with his fate and was happy with it since he was smiling. I’m not so sure that she agreed, but at least she went along with my antics. But I digress; back to painting the mounting boards.



While your paint is drying, prepare to cut your trophy object in half. Get out your butcher knife and slice away! (I actually had to use two different knives to get through Stan, but it went fairly quickly.)


And once you cut through your figurine, allow your friends to place both ends upon their ears like so:


Everyone say hello to Stephanie (AKA Madam von Sassypants)! I think my next creation may have to be “Dino-Muffs” since Stephanie is making a halved dino look so dang good!

Once your paint has dried on your mounting board, and if you used two pieces like me to “fancify” it, then it’s time to glue them together! I used Tacky Glue to line the rim of the filigree piece and then centered it on the bottom mounting board.



The time has now come to glue your dino head onto the mounting board! One thing you may have to do is sand down your cut a bit. I didn’t end up cutting Stan in half evenly (your first time trying to slice a dinosaur in two can be tricky!), so I had to use the fine grit sandpaper to gently even out his plastic edge. Once I got that done, I again used Tacky Glue to secure his head to the middle of the mounting board.


Look how happy he is!


And now my biggest decision is where to put him. On this wall?


Or on this wall?


And look how pretty Stan is while holding a few of my necklaces!


That’s all for now! Happy crafting!

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