Heart Shaped Elbow Patch DIY

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

For this week’s project I decided that it was high time to patch some holes in a cardigan that I’ve been putting off for…well, ever, basically. I keep seeing fun heart-shaped patches circulating on Pinterest (like this lovely lass right here) and have been wanting to implement them into something similar of my own. This project was extremely easy and I even made it easier than I originally planned! So here ya go; how to make your own heart-shaped elbow patches!


You’ll just need an iron on patch in any color you want, scissors, a marker, and an iron. I originally had planned to take some white thread and stitch the patches around the edges for an added look, but I decided against it at the end. Maybe I will later, but once I was done I ended up liking the patches without the threading.


Take your patch material and cut it into two squares about the size that you want, or in my case, that will cover the holes in your elbows!


Take your marker and outline the size of heart that you want to cut your patch into.


Fold the patch in half so that you’ll get a heart with even sides and begin to cut it out, then do the same thing for the second patch.



Once you have your hearts cut as you want them, place the first patch where you want it and iron that bad boy on! Since I was covering up a hole, I took a piece of cardboard (I tore it off of an empty cereal box that we were recycling) and placed it in the sleeve so that the patch wouldn’t adhere to the opposite side of the sleeve.


After you have secured the first patch, measure the distance from the tip of the heart to the cuff of the sleeve so that you can place the next patch on evenly.


Iron away until you’re done and have well secured elbow patches.

20140721_125343 (1)

And that’s all there is to it! See, ridiculously easy. 🙂 Have fun patching, friends!

hh2 (1)


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