DIY Painted Planter Tray

Howdy Friend-Os!

If you’ve been following the incredible Heather Q, you’d know that she’s kinda been kicking my butt at this Pinterest battle. But I’m still hanging in there, screaming my rally cry and decided that for my next project I’d spruce up a planter tray for a Philodendron that my mom recently gave me. I scored some nifty wooden bowls down in the free section of our apartment building and they’ve just been sitting, waiting to have something done with them for months now. In browsing my Pinterest pages, I came across this Pin and decided that I wanted to do something similar to the bowls I have.
As my Philodendron was just sitting in a plastic tray, I decided that a decorative bowl would be the best addition to embellish the look a bit.


The materials I used were the wooden bowl, high gloss acrylic paint that’s good for wood (I got the generic kind from Michael’s), painter’s tape, and a paintbrush (Or several. I used three sponge brushes–not pictured because I forgot to include them).


Next, you’ll tape off the pattern that you want on the bowl.


Then begin to paint away! I used one sponge brush for each color that I wanted to paint so that I didn’t have to wash it every time. Efficiency (aka, laziness).


After I let it dry overnight, I placed it under my plant the next morning and am liking it so far. It sits high up on our record shelf and shares a home with a friendly gnome.



I may add more detail or color to it later, but for now I’m calling that a completed project!

hh2 (1)


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