Pinterest Battle – Stamped Metal Necklace

When it came to brainstorming for this Pinterest battle, I wasn’t too sure what I was going to make. There are so many projects that I’ve been wanting to get done and I love having the accountability to do at least one a week now, but determining which one to start on has been the hardest part of the battle for me.  

I got my first metal stamping kit a couple months back and only experimented with it right when I got it. After that, it’s just been sitting and waiting for me to try my hand at it again. Since I already had most of the supplies, I decided to give it another whirl after I saw this spare-key tag on Pinterest. Instead of doing the key tag, though, (which I still intend to do) I decided to make a personalized necklace similar to the ones that I’ve been coveting on A Beautiful Mess. Once you have all of the materials, it’s pretty easy!

Here’s what you’ll need:


Metal Bench Block

Metal Stamping Set

Metal Hole Punch (if you’re using blanks without pre-cut holes)

Metal Blanks for Stamping

Painter’s Tape

Rubbing Alcohol

Black Sharpie

Needle Nose Pliers

Necklace Materials — Chain, Jump Rings, and Clasp (I got all of these at Michael’s. Just make sure that your hardware fits the size of the chain link and the holes that you’re punching in the blanks.)

Once you have all of your materials together, you can start by punching the holes into your metal blanks. As I wanted mine to hang horizontally, I punched one hole on each end.



With the hole puncher that I used, the metal blank got stuck after I punched it so be aware that you may need to gently wiggle it off of the pliers pin. After your holes are punched, tape the blank to the bench block with the painter’s tape and begin to tap each letter with the hammer. I’ve learned that with the thin metal blanks like these, you can just use one hit on each stamp.


Once you are done stamping on all your letters, cover the impressions with Sharpie.


I let it sit while I was cleaning up my supplies and putting my stamps away, then took some rubbing alcohol on a napkin and wiped off the marker to reveal my darkened letters.


Now you’re ready to assemble your necklace! I decided to make a two strand necklace at different lengths and attached with one lobster clasp. To do this, you’ll need two lengths of chain, 5 jump rings, and one lobster clasp with attaching jump ring.


Use your pliers to separate each jump ring and attach the chain to each end of the metal blanks, then squeeze the rings back together. Next, attach each free end of the chain to the jump ring attached to the clasp and then the spare jump ring to the remaining free ends of the chains. You now have a double layered necklace!


And voila, your own personalized necklace!


hh2 (1)


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