4th of July Re-cap

For the 4th of July this year, Conor and I decided to spend the time relaxing up at my parent’s cabin for the night. Because seriously, how can you not be relaxed here?


It is the place where bees and moths cohabitate peacefully on lavender.


And where tiny gnomes salute you from their garden home.



And it’s the place where projects abound and are always needing to be done which caused me to realize where I must get my DIY spirit from…I bring you Exhibit A: Dad starting to build a cabinet and shelving system for the tiny fridge that I restored last month:


So, I decided to help out and lend a hand at preparing some of the blue pine that would become the siding.


But that didn’t last long because they decided to change the plan and location for the cabinet, and I decided to go take a nap instead. All in all, I’d say it was a successful 4th of July!

hh2 (1)


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