Pinterest Battle!


That’s right! The amazing Heather Q over at more than a little random and I will be having a Pinterest show down! Starting Monday, we will pick an item from our Pinterest boards that we’ve been wanting to make. We have fairly loose ground rules in the sense that it can be an item that we’ve been wanting to re-create, a recipe that we’ve been wanting to try our hand at, or even a project that has been needing our attention that was a Pinspiration. Whatever each of us decides, we will then make it next week and blog about the outcome! You might wonder why we are doing this? The answer: because we can! And also because crafting is fun and sometimes you need a little push (ahem, or a proposed battle) to get you going on all those Pins you’ve been pinning to your DIY boards and projects that you’ve been meaning to get done. So, friends, sit back, relax, and watch as HQ and I “duke it out” in our sure to be invigorating Pinterest Battle!

(You should also know that Heather Q is the creator of our above Battle poster and is probably already winning because of her mad skill, but I shall rally! *insert rally cry and theme music here*)

hh2 (1)


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Battle!

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