Dinosaur Trophy Head Necklace Holder

This week I found out what it’s like to cut a plastic, toy dinosaur in half. Why? Because I wanted to mount his head and make a necklace holder out of him! It’s really a lot less painful than it sounds, and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I know that Stan (the Stegosaurus) is happy with the outcome as well and delightedly hangs on my wall with a happy, little smirk now.


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Heart Shaped Elbow Patch DIY

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

For this week’s project I decided that it was high time to patch some holes in a cardigan that I’ve been putting off for…well, ever, basically. I keep seeing fun heart-shaped patches circulating on Pinterest (like this lovely lass right here) and have been wanting to implement them into something similar of my own. This project was extremely easy and I even made it easier than I originally planned! So here ya go; how to make your own heart-shaped elbow patches!


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DIY Painted Planter Tray

Howdy Friend-Os!

If you’ve been following the incredible Heather Q, you’d know that she’s kinda been kicking my butt at this Pinterest battle. But I’m still hanging in there, screaming my rally cry and decided that for my next project I’d spruce up a planter tray for a Philodendron that my mom recently gave me. I scored some nifty wooden bowls down in the free section of our apartment building and they’ve just been sitting, waiting to have something done with them for months now. In browsing my Pinterest pages, I came across this Pin and decided that I wanted to do something similar to the bowls I have.
As my Philodendron was just sitting in a plastic tray, I decided that a decorative bowl would be the best addition to embellish the look a bit.

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Pinterest Battle – Stamped Metal Necklace

When it came to brainstorming for this Pinterest battle, I wasn’t too sure what I was going to make. There are so many projects that I’ve been wanting to get done and I love having the accountability to do at least one a week now, but determining which one to start on has been the hardest part of the battle for me.   Continue reading

4th of July Re-cap

For the 4th of July this year, Conor and I decided to spend the time relaxing up at my parent’s cabin for the night. Because seriously, how can you not be relaxed here?


It is the place where bees and moths cohabitate peacefully on lavender.


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Pinterest Battle!


That’s right! The amazing Heather Q over at more than a little random and I will be having a Pinterest show down! Starting Monday, we will pick an item from our Pinterest boards Continue reading