Lava Flow Paleo Popsicles

With the sun and heat coming back to Portland (slowly…so slowly) my desire to live off of popsicles is in full swing! And since I always indulge my sweet-tooth, I thought I’d try my hand at a more healthy alternative. I like to keep frequent options for desserts available on my Pinterest Dessert board so that I can go down the rabbit-hole of desserty goodness any time I want. It was through this abyss of Pins and links that I came across Nom Nom Paleo’s Lava Flow Ice Pops and they are aaaaaaaaa-mazing!
I followed the directions to a “T” and because my popsicle mold holds 6 popsicles instead of 8, I had enough left over to make a delicious Lava Flow drink afterward! BONUS! So, friends, go follow this recipe right here and enjoy the guilt-free joy of this frozen treat!

They look amazing as well!





Side note: If you’re anything like me you’re also probably enraged and fuming over the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby (this, this, and this) and need a little something to “cool” you down (heh, pun intended). I suggest trying your hand at these popsicles if you need a quick and productive distraction and to also ADD RUM!!! 😉

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