Nail Art – Polka Dots

I’ve recently become inspired by nail art but am preeeeetty terrible at painting my own nails. Seriously, so bad. Even Conor has said that it’s funny how I can cut my own hair but can’t paint my own nails to save my life. The thought of painting my nails AND adding detail to them has been a bit daunting for me. However, my “I can do it!” spirit recently kicked in and I decided to jump back into the nail painting boat. I read many-a-tutorial and found tips and tricks that made this whole endeavor sound much more doable. I also found out how much I love the look of polka-dot nail art and just how easy it is to accomplish.

And look! I did it!


Here’s how you too can create polka-dot nail art in three easy steps:

oneOnce your base color is dry, grab the color you want your polka-dots to be, a piece of foil or wax paper (or anything that is non-absorbent that you can drip the polish on), and a ball point pen (if it’s dying or out of ink, that’s even better).

twoTake the polish for your polka-dots and let it drip onto the foil (or whatever you have on hand) so that it forms a small blob. (I love that word. Just say blob now. Blob.)

threeThen take your ball point pen and dip it into the polish blob. You can now start dotting away on your nails to form the pattern that you like! Be sure to wipe off your pen from time to time or else the polish gets tacky and will gunk up your dots.

When I was first attempting this technique, I only had enough time to do one hand before we had to run out the door for dinner. Even with just the one hand done, the waitress at the restaurant commented on how much she loved my polka-dots! It was an awesome opportunity to give her the inside scoop on how easy it was and I shared the trick with her. I’m telling ya, friends, the polka-dots will take over.

I also learned through this process just how resilient the Sally Hansen Double Duty clear coat is! When I was restoring the propane fridge over the weekend, I managed to get myself covered in paint. It was so intense that I had to take a plastic Brillo pad to my hands and nails in order to scrub it all off. But all my nail polish stayed in tact! I was so impressed!  I’ve since started to branch out into different colors and dot patterns for my nails and it’s been a lot of fun! So get on out there and polka-dot it up, friends!


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