How To Restore A Propane Fridge

Propane fridge? Propane fridge! Allow me to explain. This weekend Conor and I went to visit my parents at our family cabin for an early Father’s Day celebration. The cabin is completely off the grid so this is where the propane fridge comes into play. Though we intended to simply relax and catch up, there were many projects that needed to get done and I jumped at the opportunity to resurrect this very weathered, rough-looking fridge. I love this type of project as I get such satisfaction out of knowing that I not only made something look better, but I also feel better for using the materials that we have on hand to restore or recreate something that we can use right away instead of running out to buy new things. I only took a few before and after photos, but I’m pretty happy with the outcome!


So, how did I transform this beast, you ask? It’s easy!

First, start with setting up your supplies.


Next, prep your future masterpiece by taping off anything that you want to protect from the paint. In this case, I taped off all the original metal embellishment, hinges, and interior.


(Say hi to my dad in the background.)


Then, start painting away!


Finally, pull off all of your painter’s tape and look upon the success of your hard work!


(Notice the “loungers” in the background on the deck while I still work?! Dad and Conor had a good excuse to rest, though; they dropped trees all day. Good job, guys. Good job.)


And voila! The gross looking fridge, is now a clean, crisp, black fridge! And now every time I use it I will change Paint It Black  in my head and sing, “I see a small fridge and I want to paint it black…”



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