Painted Mug DIY


I’m pretty excited that I was finally able to attempt one of my DIY goals that I outlined for myself to do. When I was gathering my supplies, I realized that I only had a gold ceramic paint pen instead of black like I wanted. Granted, I could have used a Sharpie like the many other tutorials I’ve read have done, but I’ve also read that despite baking your dish after drawing on it with a Sharpie, it can still come off depending on the type of porcelain you’re using. Because this was my first attempt, I decided to go with the paint pen that I had on hand so that it wouldn’t rub or wash off after going through the entire process of creating and then baking it. Though I intended to do something similar to the wine mug for this project, one thing kept running through my mind when I decided to use the gold pen instead; “Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.” (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should go watch The Outsiders right now and relive a special part of my young life.) Now that I had made my decision, it was time to put marker to porcelain!



I should probably back up real fast just in case you’re wondering about this fine-looking gold marker that you see before your eyes. This is technically a “glass paint” marker, but it can be used for tile and ceramics as well. This one in particular is the DecoArt brand and I bought mine at Micheal’s. Noooow, take that marker and make some magic!


There’s a few things I learned from this experiment.

1) I don’t have the best hand writing for dish decorating but I still went with it.

2) I should have followed the pen directions to the “T” and washed my mug with cleaner before writing on it because I learned that even finger prints can screw everything up.

3) Going back over the paint with a second coat to make it bolder can be challenging and cause your paint to ball up and smear a bit. Essentially, be perfect the first time friends, it’s the only way. Or just keep trying. That’s probably the more legitimate reasoning.

In the end, this was still pretty fun for my first time! After baking it* (*according to this pen, you bake it at 375 for 40 minutes; but I’ve also read tutorials where you bake your final product at 350 for 15-30 minutes.), I think it will become an additional pen holder on our book shelf. We have a lot of pens floating around this place and it seems fitting to keep it with the books. Now to actually get a copy of the book and place it next to my mug. Then it will be right at home.


What do you think? Have any ideas for mugs or other dishes that you’d like to try your hand at decorating? If you don’t have a paint pen on hand, get your Sharpie out and design away!



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