Paper Flower DIY

Hi Friends!

The weekend and this week seem to have slipped away from me already and I haven’t had a moment to quite tackle my DIY goals that I outlined on Friday and hoped to chip away at. I have, however, learned a neat way to create paper flowers if you need a quick pick-me-up or just something creative to do while sitting at your desk (for those of you with office jobs)!

In browsing Pinterest, I came across a Pin aiming to show you how to make paper flowers easily but the source wasn’t too helpful (you gotta love those Pinterest rabbit holes!). So, I decided to try my hand at making my own in order to pretty up my desk a bit and have them on hand for decorating! I give you, The Feaths Paper Flower Tutorial!


Step 1: Prepare your supplies. You will need tape, scissors and your paper of choice. You’ll then cut your paper into identical squares depending on the size you want your flower to be. If you’d like to achieve a flower the same size as mine, I cut my squares to be 4″ x 4″.


Step 2: You’ll need 3 squares of paper to make 1 flower. Fold each square in half, length-wise (the hot-dog way!); then in half again so that it makes a smaller square; and then fold it diagonally.


Step 3: Once your paper is folded diagonally, cut off the top of the open side (the side that does not have the crease, but has flaps of paper) so that it is rounded and looks somewhat like an ice cream cone. Then cut off the tip of the opposite point of the paper (this will be the only remaining point left).


Step 4: Now you can unfold your paper and see that it somewhat looks like a flower! Yay! You’ll want to cut each flower to have a certain number of petals so that you can stack them together in the next couple of steps. Cut one flower so that it has 6 petals total, one with 5 petals total (and a 3 petal remainder), and one right in half so that it has 4 petals total.


Step 5: Tape ’em together! Our flower is starting to take shape now! Take the 6 petal portion of the flower and tape the two open ends together. Do the same with the 5 petal portion, the 4 petal portion, and the 3 petal portion. Now you’ll have the pieces taped together that you need to stack!


Step 6: Stack all of your taped pieces together using the 6 petal flower as your base. Once you have all of your taped flower portions stacked together, roll up the left over 2 petal portion into a small scroll that ends with a pointed tip.


Step 7: And finally, insert the loose scroll that you just made into the center of your stack and look at how much your flower has bloomed! If you want to add a little more dimension to your flower, try rolling back each petal so that it has a little flip. Finalize your flower by taping the middle insert (the pointed scroll portion) to the back of your flower.


Step 8: Add some leaves to your flower if you wish and put it on display! Your flower is now complete! You can make these to add some pizzazz to anything you’d like or even make them for party decorations! My desk Triceratops was pretty stoked to have some lovely flowers incorporated into her view for a brief afternoon. They then went to adorn a birthday sign for a co-worker!


Happy flower making!



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