Let’s Make Popsicles!

Now that the warm weather has finally started sticking, my Pinterest interests have primarily taken the form of cool and refreshing desserts and drinks. Also, ones with alcohol. You’d be surprised at how quickly the two (desserts and adult beverages) can be combined to make an unstoppable, all-empowering super dessert of boozy goodness. At least I was surprised. Perhaps surprised is the wrong word; instead, I was freaking stoked because now I can say that I’m bringing popsicles to an all-ages party and not feel like a giant jerk when I’m standing in the background, sucking down the wine because all the children are slowly freaking me out. Instead, I can slowly slurp on boozy popsicles and have way more fun! Though I’m really excited to try my hand at these new-found recipes, I was stopped in my tracks by the non-alcohol infused popsicles that A Beautiful Mess recently posted. I mean, look at these! How could you not want to devour every single one?! Brown Butter Popsicles!!

Brown Butter Popsicles

So, friends, I bought the supplies after work and I came home and I made them. And they are AMAZING! Everyone should probably go make these right now because they are like heaven melting in your mouth.

There are a few things I learned from this: 1) Actually read the directions to learn that the recipe makes 8 instead of 6 like your popsicle mold supplies. If you’re like me and have a 6 piece popsicle mold, just pour the left overs in some ice-cube trays because it still tastes amazing and you don’t want to waste it. Trust me, you don’t.

2) Using Almond Milk instead of whole milk probably makes them more “icy” instead of super creamy. I actually preferred it this way, though. It was creamy with a mix of icy which gave it the full popsicle experience!

And 3), I do not like frozen heavy cream. I decided that I wanted the little white stripe at the bottom of my popsicles too, so added in the cream at the very end. The taste and the consistency of it was just not to my liking so I tossed the end strip when I got to it. But other than that, these were absolutely incredible and I consider this a huge success!


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