Lava Flow Paleo Popsicles

With the sun and heat coming back to Portland (slowly…so slowly) my desire to live off of popsicles is in full swing! And since I always indulge my sweet-tooth, I thought I’d try my hand at a more healthy alternative. I like to keep frequent options for desserts available on my Pinterest Dessert board so that I can go down the rabbit-hole of desserty goodness any time I want. It was through this abyss of Pins and links that I came across Nom Nom Paleo’s Lava Flow Ice Pops and they are aaaaaaaaa-mazing!
I followed the directions to a “T” and because my popsicle mold holds 6 popsicles instead of 8, I had enough left over to make a delicious Lava Flow drink afterward! BONUS! So, friends, go follow this recipe right here and enjoy the guilt-free joy of this frozen treat!

They look amazing as well!

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Nail Art – Polka Dots

I’ve recently become inspired by nail art but am preeeeetty terrible at painting my own nails. Seriously, so bad. Even Conor has said that it’s funny how I can cut my own hair but can’t paint my own nails to save my life. The thought of painting my nails AND adding detail to them has been a bit daunting for me. However, my “I can do it!” spirit recently kicked in and I decided to jump back into the nail painting boat. I read many-a-tutorial and found tips and tricks that made this whole endeavor sound much more doable. I also found out how much I love the look of polka-dot nail art and just how easy it is to accomplish.

And look! I did it!


Here’s how you too can create polka-dot nail art in three easy steps:

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How To Restore A Propane Fridge

Propane fridge? Propane fridge! Allow me to explain. This weekend Conor and I went to visit my parents at our family cabin for an early Father’s Day celebration. The cabin is completely off the grid so this is where the propane fridge comes into play. Though we intended to simply relax and catch up, there were many projects that needed to get done and I jumped at the opportunity to resurrect this very weathered, rough-looking fridge. Continue reading

Paper Flower DIY

Hi Friends!

The weekend and this week seem to have slipped away from me already and I haven’t had a moment to quite tackle my DIY goals that I outlined on Friday and hoped to chip away at. I have, however, learned a neat way to create paper flowers if you need a quick pick-me-up or just something creative to do while sitting at your desk (for those of you with office jobs)!

In browsing Pinterest, I came across a Pin aiming to show you how to make paper flowers easily but the source wasn’t too helpful (you gotta love those Pinterest rabbit holes!). So, I decided to try my hand at making my own in order to pretty up my desk a bit and have them on hand for decorating! I give you, The Feaths Paper Flower Tutorial!

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It’s Friday, I’m In Love!

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

What a week this has been! I’m looking forward to hanging out at home with my man and doing nothing this weekend. Oh wait, that’s not happening. We have several plans in the works for this weekend that will all be fun but inevitably jam-packed with all kinds of activities. That is far from a complaint, but is why I’m using the free moment I have now to plan and set goals for the next DIY activities I’d like to attempt to do this weekend and throughout the coming week; time permitting. I bring you my It’s Friday, I’m in love! inspiration board!

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I’m pretty much addicted to Bloglovin. Not only because it keeps me up to date on the latest posts from the blogs I follow, but it also gives me suggestions of new blogs to follow and continually fuels my inspiration! If you don’t have an account, you should totally sign up. If you do have an account, you should definitely follow me because I swear this will get better with time. Welcome to another social media time-suck, friends! I promise you won’t regret this one, though!